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This page is devoted entirely to you, so make sure you come back here every now and then to find out what’s going on in the Club.

Junior Race Marshalls
We welcome juniors to any of our races and have a separate course for them (see below) Where juniors race we have a dedicated Juniors race Marshall who  makes sure all our Junior racers are ready to go at 6.45am, give the final instructions about the course, and then walk the competitors down to the swim start. They also accompany the juniors on the bike and run legs.
A full copy of the Junior Race Marshall job description, and a copy of the standard race briefing is attached below:


  • Juniors to sign on then rack bike on junior rack net to registration table.
  • ADULTS ON DUTY – Get sign on list from rego table, do roll check, and then condct a race briefing by 6:40 AM
  • The Senior Race Captain will be there to help BUT parents should also listen as we may need you to do it one week. SAFETY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE BRIEFING.
  • Start juniors at 6:45 AM, timing is ordinarily taken for junior races.
  • After the race, get juniors organised to man the senior drinking station.
  • Make sure you have signed the volunteer sheet.
  • JUNIORS – it is your job to man the water station for the half and full distance races making sure cups are filled and handed to competitors. We don’t time junior races.
  • Please clean up cups and put in bin once race is over (more cups in the shed if you run out).

Enquires on PMTC Juniors please contact Junior Manager – Chris Favalaro

Download a copy of the Junior Help Job Description and Age requirements & Race distance Information.

If you are a Junior who would like to come have some fun with us there’s just a few things we want you and your parents to know.

Due to growth in numbers of Juniors participation to assist us taking measures for safety NO Junior on the day registrations will be taken, this will have to be done via our online registrations on our Facebook page.
This is to give us the opportunity to get more helpers prior to race day if required.

All children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of the race. Port Macquarie Triathlon club are committed to adhering to the race distances as governed by Triathlon Aus (NSW). For adults accompanying children under 10 years of age, PMTC will have available hi-vis vests which can be worn to increase visibility on our roads.

(Bike required to cycle with child on bike and run leg)

Junior Race Briefing

Micro – Ages 7 – 9 – Non competitive

  • 50m wade – (two laps in the beach area)
  • 1km bike – two laps from the transition area to turnaround on McInherney Close
  • 400m run – two laps from the transition area to the tree and back

Short Course – Minimum age 12 – Competitive (graded points system)

  • 300m swim
  • 9km bike
  • 2.5km run

Junior – Ages 10 to 13 – Non competitive

  • 50m swim
  • 2.5km bike
  • 1.25km run

Long Course – Minimum age 14 – Competitive (graded points system)

  • 600m swim
  • 18km bike
  • 5km run
Course Age Requirements Swim Ride * Run *
Non competitive
Minimum 7 years
Maximum 9 years
50m wade 1km 400m
Non competitive
Min 10 years
Max 13 years
50m 3.5km 1.25km
Competitive - points
Min 12 years 300m 9km 2.5km
Competitive - points
Min 14 years 600m 18km 5km
Social Course Min 12 years Any combination of the above limited to the maximum race distances as governed by Triathlon Aus (NSW)

* Distances for ride and run vary for long run or long ride events - Refer Race schedule for details of these events

JUNIOR triathlon course map

MICRO triathlon course map

  • Must wear a swim cap
  • It is a 50m swim. You will start IN the water, and swim out to one of our board paddlers. Swim around the paddler and then back to shore.
  • We have 2 people on water safety so if you are in trouble or
    just want to rest on the board then put your hand straight in the air.
  • Please take care to only tread on the rubber mat when entering or exiting the water. There are lots of very sharp oysters on the rocks.
  • When you run back to transition, make sure you run into transition around the front of the toilet block – just follow the little traffic cones (they look like coloured donuts)
  • Your helmet MUST be done up before you unrack your bike.
  • Your torso must also be covered and shoes must be worn.
  • The bike course:
  • Wheel your bike onto the road, but WALK you rbike up to top of road. Then jump on, ride to Riverpark Rd, look BOTH ways, and turn left.
  • Ride along Riverpark Rd till you get close to Commodore Cres. You will be turning right here,so look over your shoulder, make sure it’s safe, and move to the centre of the road for your right-hand turn.
  • You must be using hand signals for all turns – if you are going too fast to make them then slowdown – you are riding dangerously.
  • Watch the road marshall who’ll guide you round the corner.
  • Ride to the end of Commodore, and turn around at the cul-de-sac, and ride back to Riverpark Rd.You will turn left and head back home.
  • Before returning to transition, you continue to the end of Riverpark Rd, turn around at the Cul-de-sac, and ride back to McInherney Close, where you’ll turn left. Don’t take this corner wide – stay left as there may be on-coming cars or senior riders starting their bike leg riding towards you. You then ride along McInherney and down the ramp to transition.
  • Jump off your bike before you get to the kerb.
  • Once in transition you MUST rack your bike before you undo your helmet.
  • Remember while riding, you must never overtake on the left-hand side.
  • You cannot ride beside another rider and “chat” this is called blocking.
  • Remember to please keep to your left if you’re not overtaking.
  • And remember to make hand-signals if you’re turning into another road.
  • Shoes MUST be worn at all times
  • Run course:
    • To start the run you head out in front of the toilet block (where you came in from the swim).
      Run up the road and along McInherney, turning left onto Riverpark Rd.
    • Run along the footpath here until you see a path in an open grassy reserve next to the water.
    • Follow the path until you come to the weir across the canal. This is your turnaround point.
    • You then run back to transition to finish your race.
    • Remember to be careful of senior and junior competitors on bikes near transition area.
  • There will be fruit and water for you to cool down with.
  • Please be mindful that if you are one of the front people that there are still a lot of us out there that would like some fruit
  • If you see a fellow competitor in trouble then please stay with them and notify another athlete to get help
  • Please remember that all our helpers are volunteers and have given up racing to make this race happen – so please follow instruction they may give you.
  • It is up to the competitors to know the course – so arethere any questions ?? …OK then, Enjoy your race!

Download a copy of the Junior Race Briefing Here: