Info for Members


Your 2022/23 membership entitles you to free entry to every summer and winter Club race hosted by PMTC in the upcoming season. We aim to make our club as inclusive and fun as possible, and while we offer a fast course for aspiring athletes to improve themselves on, we very much love to cater for newcomers and beginners. 

How do I sign up?
All members of an affiliated Tri Club in NSW must also hold a current TA membership. By becoming a TA member, you will also enjoy personal accident insurance coverage during any sanctioned race, or even while training for any sanctioned race – and depending on the level of membership you may also be exempt from any 1-day licences to other Open Races in Australia. Check your entitlements and membership benefits at the TA website.

To sign up, you start at the official TA home page and you’ll find the link to “Join Triathlon Australia” there. The TA membership process is undertaken first. Once completed, you’ll then directly move on to complete your PMTC membership. Check the link below;

2022/23 PMTC Fees from 1st June 2020


And if all the planets have aligned correctly, you should now be a fully signed up member of the Port Macquarie Triathlon Club!

Please get in touch with us if you have any hiccups along the way. Contact the club at if you need any assistance, or should you have any other queries in relation to what your membership will do for you.